Its Raining Cats and Dogs!    
Distinctive Jewelry with Animal Themes


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Pawprint Jewelry!

Gotta love those Paw print designs!  go with everything!

New!....Hinged bracelet with Giant Crystal Paw print!  this is too cute!..Great for those who love pawprint jewelry.  Defintely makes a statement!  For both Dog and Cat lovers!....$22.

Crystal Pawprint necklace inclues chain with front toggle.  Purple/Gold in the colors of Best of Breed!  Add a alittle bling! fun necklace!   20.00
                                             Crystal ring with stretch band. So cute!
                                       Comes in clear, purple, blue, green, red

   Paw crystal necklace                          
Purple/gold w/toggle
$22                                           rings:  20.00


small crystal paw necklace

(under construction)

earrings: $12          Slider: $15                            cutout paw cuff  $35

Narrow Cuff bracelets....hinged on one$25.

teardrop                               small diagnonal 2tone

small rope black square                     Pave
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